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Character Interview & Giveaway: See - By Jamie Magee

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I get the extreme honor of interviewing  Draven, from Jamie Magee's new series, SEE!

Let's start out easy, since there is a lot of astrological signs mentioned in See, and you're a Taurus, if you could pick to be any other sign what would it be?
*He smiles boyishly, blushing slightly, before he gently clears his throat.* Well, I’ll admit that I do not know as much about the Zodiac as my Scorpio friend Madison does. *He furrows his eyebrows*...I’m not even entirely sure that I believe that this entire world can be classified into 12 signs, groups of people. The fact that I’m a twin, that me and my brother are both Taurus, yet I have a harder time controlling my temper, that my voice is stronger than his is a testimony of that. *His emerald green eyes laced in black glance around the room searching for a clear answer.* I guess...I guess if I could be like anyone else it would be Charlie, her sign is a Libra, and from what I gather about the traits of the people born under that sign is that they have balance, they see both sides to every argument, every situation. I would want to see the world that way, to not be angry when I hear an evil echo around me, to ask why, to find understanding, then finally a resolution - the way Charlie does.....if it wasn't for her, for the way she sees the world.....I’m sure we would have all considered ourselves insane at this point....cursed by the devil himself.
Being an artist, what sparks your creativity the most?
*His grin widens, enhancing every captivating feature of his addictive image, just as he leans back and begins to move his fingers across his knee as if he’s playing a mass of chords on his guitar.* All art, whether its music, painting, writing, sculpting - anything created from the soul does one thing. *He hesitates as his eyes drift to the place his mind goes when he writes his music.* It gently embraces emotion, something that in reality cannot be seen, touched, heard - something that none of our senses can grasp. In that embrace the artist molds their work into their expression, their interpretation of that emotion, and when it is complete the emotion is not imprisoned in that’s defined. Others can hear it, see it, read it and feel what the artist felt, and when they do that, they relate that emotion to something in their life. They understand that they are not alone, that every soul faces emotions that can either rip you into, or lift you to the heavens. As an artist I find inspiration by just breathing. I find it on a long drive, flight, I find it when I’m with my friends, I find it when I’m thinking of the girl I can’t seem to live without, I find it when I fight my demons. What I do create, the sound, the lyrics, can never truly express how deep my emotions run, opens the door for others, just enough for them to take what is going on in their life and relate, then find the courage to embraced every emotion, both good and bad.
Knowing how your love life turned out, who would you want to pair your brother with?
*He quietly laughs under his breath at the thought of his brother falling in love.* Well, I think what I’ve been through, the roller-coaster of emotions as terrified him. *His eyes grow serious as his smile fades slightly.* I kinda feel bad for Madison and Aden....being who we are, able to do what we can do is hard to deal with, even if you know you have family and friends that are dealing with the same can’t just let anyone in, date the way people our age do...its dangerous for them, and you, because you don’t want to lose your balance with what your enduring, and you don’t want to put anyone in danger....then there is the fear that the person you fall for may have you committed once you tell them what you can do.... *He grins slightly as a random thought crosses his mind.* Even though we are twins we are like night and day. Aden is a complicated, yet simple person. He expresses his passion for music in countless ways, he can play at least five instruments at a level that would turn anyone's head....but when he plays the drums he comes alive. All his anger, frustration, even his rhythm with life comes out. When he’s not playing, his nose is in a book, usually a philosophy book, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung are his heroes....he thinks deeply, and wants to understand life at its core. Whoever he ends up with would have to be someone who sees music as a life form, the way he does, someone who thinks for themselves, the way he does, someone that can give him the freedom to be who he is - someone that he can hold when the darkest moments are over.....he says he’s ready to leave with Austin, our friend from Chara, because he wants peace for all of us, but I know him....I know he’s wondering that if somewhere out there, there is a girl that can understand and love him...someone that will not be afraid of who we are.
Name your top 3 things you love most about Charlie:
I don’t know how anyone cannot become addicted to Charlie. She is.....she is a doesn’t matter how dark it is, what is happening....she finds balance. She listens, she lets you express every raging emotion, then finds a way to help you see the victory that lies ahead. Her soul is full of passion....she was born with a divine gift in music....when she plays I swear I can see her soul, her warm energy fill the room. When she smiles at me I feel as if God himself is telling me that life, no matter how complicated it is, is a gift....I find myself staring into her dark eyes, wondering what mystery she is trying to unravel, where her heart is leading her. I’m not sure how clearly I answered your question, basically Love is not a strong enough word to express the way I feel when I’m around Charlie, there is not a sound I could play that would mock how powerful she makes me feel by just breathing...
Now, without giving anything away, how do you foresee your future going?
The first time I performed in front of a crowd that was larger than 100 or so people I was sixteen. My father let us open for one of the major bands he was producing. Even though I love music, playing, singing from my soul....I was terrified. In my mind I’d imagined everything from the sound to forgetting the chords going wrong. I was literally sick with the thought of stepping into that spotlight. My father sat me and Aden down the morning before that show. He told us that if we weren’t afraid of that night, then that meant that we didn’t want it bad enough, that embracing who you are, and expressing it with every part of your being was part of life. He said life was not always bliss, if it was, we would all be rather bored. He coached us through how not to see the crowd, but to be a part of it. To become the music, to flow with the aggressive sound, to act like we were born to do what we were doing.....he said when that when it was over, we would become addicted to the emotions we felt as the crowd roared, that all at once we would feel everything, and nothing at the same time, that even if the world ended that night, we would die smiling, accomplished, invincible. He was right....that night did not make me and my brother taught us how to live. In a way it prepared us for everything we have seen, witnessed, endured...playing live for that many people - facing all your fears just so you could show the world that you deserved to do what you loved, to prove that the pain that may come with your dreams was shallow in comparison to your passion. I will never forget that lesson. I hear him in my thoughts when I think of what lies ahead for myself and the ones I love. I know my heart will pound in my chest at times, that my hands may tremble, that adrenaline will become a drug for me, for all of us, but I also know that once we get through what’s before us, once we understand the purpose in our dark gifts that the world will see that there is not one soul that does not deserve forgiveness, a second chance. I won’t lie, I feel the same way I did before that first concert...I’m terrified, and furious that I don’t know what’s coming at us, or how to overcome it, but I know that one way or the other....I will not leave this world in the same way that I found it...none of us will.

Now in my eyes I envision Draven as looking like this:


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