Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Asylum - By K.A. Tucker

Author: K.A. Tucker
Release Date: 12/12/2011
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Tucked away in Sofie's wintery asylum with no hope of release for years, Evangeline must come to terms with her situation: the curse still plagues her, she's now hunted by a two thousand-year-old vampire, and the guy she's in love with tried to kill her.
Plus, she's locked up with a cranky Max and the Forero kids—two people everyone seems to prefer dead over alive. Things aren't looking good.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, Sofie struggles to keep forty trapped and bloodthirsty Ratheus vampires at bay and a desperate Viggo from killing Evangeline's friends, all while hints stir outside the walls of the NYC vampire asylum of a war brewing between the Sentinel and the witches.

First Thought: I still want to punch Viggo in the damn face!

After finishing Anathema I, every so patiently, hounded K.A. until I knew when Asylum would be out! There was just something about Anathema that grabbed a hold of me and didn't let go until the end. It was such a breath of fresh air when it came to vampires & I've never seen someone mesh current day with dystopia quiet the way she did.

After the mind-blowing ending in Anathema I was expecting HUGE things in Asylum....and boy was I NOT disappointed! Coming back to Viggo & Morts house, which is now infested with blood thirsty vampires, you are getting everything from Sofie's POV. She's struggling to keep Evangeline's location secret, while making sure that Caden & his friends stay off of Viggo's radar. With bombs, mutants and a the "Race of Death", Sofie finds the struggle to keep things balanced harder than she expected. But she finds a friend somewhere completely out of the blue, and it's kind of nice to actually she her find one for once.

Meanwhile, back in the middle of feckin' no where, Evangeline is trying to avoid going stir crazy with he lovely cabin companions......even though Caden isn't with Evangeline you know that he is influencing her every move.
So in this cabin from hell, you have so many different personalities it's amazing that they last as long as they do before.....OH can't tell ya, but damn it's a GREAT surprise!

Needless to say this book was UH-MAZE-ING! It had me going up and then down. My emotional radar was all over the feckin' place, you'd think I was pregnant with how back and forth my emotions went! K.A. took it places I never saw coming, her ability to create such diverse characters floors me. The only thing that I could have asked for was book #3!
So now the wait begins......


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BookLuvr Mindy said...

I loved this one too! Kathleen rocks some AWESOME books! You had me cracking up when you said that you wanted to punch Viggo in the face...so true! It was Rachel that I couldn't stand.

For a minute I was confused by your statement here:

"HUGE things in Asylum....and boy was I disappointed"

For a minute there I thought you were going to talk about what you didn't like.