Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Editorially Unmotivated

First, I'm not even sure if Editorially is even a word, but it fits my mood.

As of late, and when I say late that obviously means the whole month of May, I feel like my brain has been utterly & completely unwilling to write. Lately I have found myself sinking into my world of reading so much that I have been dragging myself up for air, food and the occasional shower. Not even the promise of Man Candy can break me out of this writing rut.....and you know when Candy can't help, something is seriously off.

(seriously if this won't get your mind going then what would?)

So where does that leave me? This month I have read more books then I have in the past 5, I find myself complete submerged into the worlds I'm reading about, yet with all this excitement rushing around in my mind I can't find it in myself to push those thoughts down my arms, into my fingers & onto the screen.
I feel like a sexually frustrated 18 year old boy at strip club, you have all the stimulation you need, but not the blows. (and so not in a good way)

So, now I must find a way for these words to flow from my mind. Perhaps I should invest in a tape recorder and as I'm reading the book, just scream out every random, book oriented, thought at the top of my lungs?
Or maybe I should start keeping notes while reading? But knowing me those notes will either get turned into my 4 year olds paper airplane OR I will use them as a doodle pad just like every other scrap of paper on my desk.

In the end though, I will strive to get thru this dry spell. It's almost as though I need some sort of inspiration thrown in my face. Like a double rainbow after a storm, or a streak of sunlight shooting threw beautiful white clouds......or a swift kick in the ass.
Regardless of what it is, I am bound a determined to get myself OUT of this editorial funk and back to my spastic, loud, filter-lacking self!


Karen said...

Had a hard time (giggle) getting past the Man Candy ... thank you for that!! May seems to be a lousy month all the way around, so maybe the best you/we can do is hang on until June when everything is bound to be better!!!

Taking it One Book at a Time said...

Thanks Karen! I'm waiting for the fire under my ass to get lit, lol