Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inner Heroine Chronicles: Good Deeds, then explosions...(Part 1)

Today Moxie (that's what my heroine named herself) has decided that she needs to blow something up. She's just super pissed, for whatever reason, and destruction is her outlet of choice. So here I am trying to calm her down. Make her understand that combustibles are not the answer...

though it would be pretty cool to see her go and take out the utility company, they're on my shit list....but no.

I'm trying to convince her to turn that pissed-off-ness into a good deed. Like knit 20 scarves for the homeless, or save a tiny kitten from the pound. Anything but causing public damage....because the costs associated with that can get EXPENSIVE.

So I let her cool down, ya know, take a steel pipe to the abandoned car out back. Anything to get her out of this mood. As Moxie is making her way back I'm watching as she's erratically pointing at her head yelling, "SEE!! This is why I'm pissed!". Opening my mouth to respond I say the first thing that pops into my head, "So you're mad because you have a bad dye job?". Oh shit! Her body instantly went rigid, and those ice blue eyes fixated on me like a predator who had just found it's prey.

I was now experiencing one of those moments when you immediately wish that what you had said could be rewound BACK into your mouth.

To Be Continued......

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