Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shift Blog Tour + Giveaway: Q & A with Chase & Rayna

The Shift Tour has ARRIVED!!

And all I can say is.......FINALLY!!
I have been waiting extremely, semi patiently for a while to get my hands on this book.
After reading the Exiled (my review here), I instantly knew this would be a new series favorite!

So for this stop on M.R. Merrick's blog tour, I really wanted to be able to ask his main characters some questions instead of him....wait that sounded slightly mean....anyways you guys know what I mean :)
Now here they are!

If your fight scene's had a playlist what would the top 3 songs be?

Brick By Boring Brick - Paramore
Savior - Rise Against
Thunderstruck - AC/DC

What's your favorite thing to do on a day when you're not hunting down evil?

I am a huge fan of horror movies, so in the event I get a moment's peace, I like to snuggle up on the couch with one of my favorites. That, or shopping, although Marcus says I have a tendency to overspend...

If you and Chase were a super hero team what would your team name be, and who would be the sidekick?
I don't now about a team name...but you and I both know Chase would be my sidekick.


Ideal post fight meal?

Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza Pops. Nothing beats them.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully alive.
If you and Rayna were a super hero team what would your team name be, and who would be the sidekick?

I don't think I could come up with a name that wasn't lame, so if we ever become superheros, I'll let our adoring fans decide, but I think it's pretty obvious who the sidekick would be.

Thanks to the both of you for actually sitting down with me and answering some questions! I am beyond excited to see what happens to the both of you in Shift!
Now for the GIVEAWAY!

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Grandma said...

I always love character interviews,Rayna n Chase are the best,tho,I tend ta favor Willy (-:Love the blog tour n meetin' new bloggers,Mr MattMan is pretty Awesome too!

Unknown said...

Not yet but is definitely on my TBR SOON pile! Everyone raves about it on twitter ;) can't wait to get into this series!

Tiffany Holme said...

Chase I gotta tell ya I agree Pep and Bacon Pizza pop ROCK!! I can't wait to read more on Chase and Rayna!!

Bookluvr Mindy said... are one the reasons I actually purchased the first book! I should be getting it any day in the mail. ;-)

Vivien said...

I haven't yet, but I just won a copy. Can't wait to start it! I've been hooked by the excerpts :)

Unknown said...

No, but I bought it a few days ago and I can't wait to start

Megan said...

I'm reading Exiled right now! Currently open on Kindle for PC!

In Julie's Opinion said...

I haven't read Exiled yet but I did just buy a copy from Amazon and it's loaded on my Kindle! I'm going to be reading it next and I can't wait!! It would be awesome if I won a copy of Shift so I could read both of them together :) Thanks so much for the giveaway!

BK said...

I've not read exiled, Mr. Merrick is a new author to me. Really glad I found you so I could be introduced to his work though. So thank you for that :). So on my TBR.


bkwalkerbooks at comcast dot net

Kristin A. said...

No I haven't read Exiled yet. Would like to just haven't.